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Found this to be a very positive experience at a difficult time for me. I was very lucky to find my perfect match immediately. It couldn't have been better. Most ladies that were in contact were very pleasant and polite. I was quite against online dating until this experience, bit would thoroughly recommend this site to anyone.
Kev, 16 September 2022
Found my ideal match.
Steve, 14 September 2022
I met a wonderful delightful beautiful woman and I don't need or want to look any further.
Johannes, 13 September 2022
Met the most wonderful lady on here. I hope everyone has the same success as I have had.
Gary, 7 September 2022
I have found the most wonderful man on this site. As a widow I never thought I would find happiness or love again, but Iíve been proved wrong. We are both 70 yrs old but feel like teenagers, itís joyous...
Mary, 1 September 2022
He's everything I was looking for in a match; considerate, supportive, engaging and importantly there is great chemistry between us. Today we agreed we want to be in each others lives ongoing and that my days of kissing frogs are in the past.
Louise, 1 September 2022
I have met a really lovely kind and caring man through this site. Looks like a perfect match for us both!
Gill, 31 August 2022
I have met a lovely man and we getting on well, Thank you.
Clare, 29 August 2022
Thank you for helping me find my ideal match. He's a keeper💕
SHARON, 26 August 2022
We met quite quickly. Everything is going smoothly and looks like we are falling for each other. Over 5+ dates and speaking every day. Things are looking positive 🥰
Amanda, 25 August 2022
Found him on this site.
Liz, 23 August 2022
I met someone lovely.
Jo, 23 August 2022
Very happy to have met a nice man here. Thank you.
Lorraine, 22 August 2022
I am very impressed with your excellent site and have found a lovely lady on it. Thanks so much for everything! Very best wishes
James, 17 August 2022
Met the love of my life 7 months ago and we are getting married! Thank you.
Claire, 14 August 2022
We found our soulmates.
Robert, 10 August 2022
He is perfect could not have asked for more and do not need to look anymore. Thank You.
Barbara, 5 August 2022
Have met a rather delightful lady!
Mark, 2 August 2022